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Apologies Not Included

The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan

I'm finding nothing
No point just energy to burn
A pocketful of pointless and faded days

What have you done
This never-ending heart attack
Is spilling over self-murderous assault
Late hours turn to a blur
A boiling inner temperature
Late hours turn to a blur
A boiling inner temperature

Crowned waves torrid sea
Washing years over me
Myself into a knot
In sudden overdose

Someone is moving
But who is staying still
Or have we grown apart

How selfish of you not to find
You didn't look for peace to gain
From being alive

Fuck if I care
It doesn't matter
The more things stay the same
Fuck I don't care
The more things never change
I'm not sorry for you

I'm not sorry you didn't look but

Make yourself present
Are you hiding
Do you feel guilt
Cause mine's dying
Worked through your waste
Now there's nothing
But maybe there's
Still hope

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